Police AwardsMy name is Peter Froud and I spent over 32 years in the Police Force here in England.

As I moved up the ranks, I was fortunate to spend my last 5 years being part of a National policing team ‘heading up’ and implementing a multi-million pound National computerised system in England and Wales.

I also went on to successfully complete the Internationally recognised UK Government (OGC) Project Management for Public Projects encompassing the management, control and organisation of projects – known as PRINCE2 (at both Foundation and Registered Practitioner levels

Project Manager ExaminationsI don’t normally blow my own trumpet, but I do have a proven track record of being able to dedicate to, organise and manage a multi-million £ project correctly. If I failed it would have hit the media, but it was a success and I went on to produce many publications that were adopted by many police forces.

But in 2010, as a result of the austerity that went on to hit the UK… that was it. I had delivered what was required and I wasn’t needed anymore. To save the Force ‘money’ I had no option but to retire and take my pension.

For over 32 years I had dedicated myself to catching criminals, but now that had to change. Luckily my passion outside the Police was with video and internet marketing, so I turned my ‘skills’ and knowledge into these and went full time developing a  successful business online.

After 4 years of trial and error in trying everything to become successful online, I finally cracked it to produce a system that incorporated the use of video and working with Google and YouTube to get ranked.


In 2006, Google spent $1.65 Million acquiring YouTube and since then have gone on to invest heavily to make it the 2nd largest search engine in the World.

  • Adding a video to a site that sells anything, increases conversion by an average of 30%
  • Customers are 85% more likely to make a purchase on a website after watching a video

video cash formula.

#1 Best Seller in 2015 – Video Cash Formula

In 2015, I produced the Number 1 best seller video based product called Video Cash Formula.

Video Cash Formula is a 7-module program which teaches people how to create great videos and get them ranked on YouTube and Google within hours or minutes and start making money with YouTube straight away. This can be used to rank your own YouTube quickly and easily without additional costs.

You can find more about Video Cash Formula HERE


Video Traffic SiphonBest Seller in 2015 – Video Traffic Siphon

Video Traffic Siphon teaches the exact system for using Google Adwords with your videos in a way that gets a TON of views (and therefore clicks) to your websites VERY cheaply. This is a virtually untapped method of getting instant traffic using the power of youTube to drive traffic quickly to your site at VERY little costs.

You can find more about Video Traffic Siphon here…

Business Promotions

In addition to producing training programs on how to produce and rank videos for business online, I have always continued to produce videos specifically for the promotion of businesses, of all types, from large businesses to small sole traders. I have also invested heavily in training programs to ensure that I can always remain at the forefront of the internet world and promotion of the same.

This has resulted in increased trade by all the businesses concerned, however up until now, I always kept these for my own clients. I have invested heavily in video production and editing software over the past 10 years.

Business Videos

I am however becoming concerned that the short video infomercials are normally out of reach of most businesses. With this in mind, I have now produced a range of videos that can be used by businesses, at a price that is lower than others you may find. This does not mean that the videos on the market are over priced – far from it. They produce videos of high quality, but have considerable overheads in premises and staff.

I now produce affordable videos to promote their businesses:

  • ‘Customised’ videos that have the business logo and call to action details included – Find Out More Here
  • ‘Custom’ videos which are completely bespoke videos designed exclusively for a particular business – Find Out More Here

As a marketing strategist with over 14 years of internet experience, I know video is just one part of a complete marketing strategy. In addition to producing videos, I can also help you set up and implement a complete marketing promotion strategy to help make your videos work fully for you at all times.



 Posted on : November 5, 2014